Born in 1969 in Hoorn, The Netherlands. Lives in Landsmeer, in the North of Amsterdam, and works globally. 

Maurice Heesen is an internationally acclaimed artist whose diverse practice centers around artworks with a strong cinematic feel. His images have an intense story in them. It’s easy to look at them for a longer amount of time, while imagining what happened and what is going to happen.  Because of his background as a graphic designer, his work is very recognizable. He uses strong lines, depth of field and color. 

On a six year journey around the world he mastered the art of photography. After buying his first camera in Singapore, almost 20 years ago, there was nothing else he wanted to do. Since then he won numerous international awards and worked all over the world. 

Maurice is a multi disciplinary creative. He studied graphic design before working as an art director in advertising. This gave him a strong strategic and conceptual base from which he approaches each commercial project. Nowadays he combines photography and film to create strong campaigns for all media with one clear signature. 


IPA | international photography awards | 1st | | Best of Show | 3 X 3rd | Nomination | Masters Cup | international color awards | 2nd | 9 X Nomination | ADCN | art directors club of the netherlands | Bronze | 6 X Nomination | New York Festivals | 3rd | NYPH | New York Photography Award | Finalist | Red Dot | communication design award | Best of the Best Award | PX3 | Prix de la Photographie Paris | 2 XGOLD | 4 X Bronze | AOP | Association of Photographers U.K. | AOP Open Award | Nomination| Kontinent | International photography award | Nomination | PANL | photography awards of the netherlands | Panl Award Winner | 3 X Best of Members | 2 X Silver | 3 X Merit | 2 X Nomination